My Services

How I Assist

Prenatal Visits

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, we setup 2 prenatal meetings before 36 weeks of pregnancy. During these meetings we will work on developing your birth plan and discuss and practice natural comfort measures.

Birthing Centre Room

Birthing Guidance

I will meet you at your home, when requested, to provide you with labor support. I will follow you to the hospital where I will continue to provide consistent support to you and your partner until baby arrives.

Postpartum Support

After delivery, I will stay with you in the hospital to provide immediate postpartum support for up to 2 hours. I will assist with breastfeeding and answer any questions as they arise. After you have gone home I will provide 1 in-home postpartum visits, during which we will go over your birth story.

Baby's Grasp

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